Unique hand cream for athletes OY Creme Hands –
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OY Creme products have been created by climbers for climbers who combine their passions with carefully selected ingredients of natural origin to create a strongly regenerating, moisturizing and protective cream for your hands. Strictly chosen and combined organic ingredients are responsible for the healing properties of OY Creme Hands. The ingredients include:

  • Beeswax – shows protective, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties,
  • Cocoa butter – perfectly moisturises skin and makes it more supple,
  • Mango butter – not only nourishes and moisturises skin, but also facilitates wound healing,
  • Sesame oil – its unique composition quickly regenerates the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Avocado oil – is abundant in vitamins which moisturise and regenerate skin,
  • Grapeseed oil – effectively moisturises, nourished, regenerates and calms irritated skin and protects against further damage,
  • Marigold – (calendula) macerate has a skin protecting function and makes wound-healing faster,
  • Vitamin E – often called the “youth vitamin” amazingly moisturises and smooths the skin.

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About us

Any sport requires determination, dedication and commitment. For many of us sport means crossing our own boundaries, constant development and reaching new goals. It is a way of life and a passion that gives life a meaning. But intense physical activity is associated with a high risk of injury and an adverse effect of different factors on our skin.

We are meeting the expectations and needs of sportspeople who want to achieve the best results. We are the producer of a unique hand cream OY Creme Hands dedicated for sportspeople, especially climbers. Our product is a piece of necessary equipment of every person whose hands are exposed to damage and injuries during exercise. It is an invaluable formulation during intensive climbing sessions. It does not contain any artificial additives; only carefully selected and combined organic ingredients help your daily skin care thanks to their regenerative, protective and soothing properties.OY Creme Hands helps sustaining a perfectly moist skin which decreases the probability of damage. Regularly used it will keep your hands constantly ready for the next training!


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